Although some of the chorus in Pegasus Opera's performances of Koanga were professional opera singers, the majority were talented members of the community, selected by audition. They rehearsed and performed alongside their professional counterparts for a few months before the performances in April 2007, thus gaining valuable experience for those who wish to go on to further performing opportunities and training.


Here are some of the community members talking about their experience of the project:

"This was to be my first foray into 'Opera'... The 'icing on the cake' was that I could learn to enjoy this art form in a mixed race /international environment of all ages; a privilege and a rarity to study opera with men and women of colour (Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, USA, Austrian, Australian, Lebanese etc.)

... A huge opportunity for me, one which in itself has brought me closer in advancement to strong and confident solo performer... The more this production gave me in terms of camaraderie, confidence and skills the more I gave Pegasus in terms of my time... I will hark back on this experience of open perrformance and venerability it taught me... and hanker for the pelasure it gave me to be part of a production and give to an audience, adults and children alike, some of the pleasure I gained. Thank you for making my life extraordinary, if only for the duration of a very special production."
Christopher Boissiere


"Just to say well done for putting on such a fantastic production and to say a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of Koanga. I had such a smashing time doing the production and met lots of lovely folks with whom I experienced a strong team spirit..."
Maxine Anderson

"I am very grateful and appreciative to have had the opportunity to be involved in the Pegasus production of 'Koanga' and to be able to perform at Sadler's Wells as a member of the Community Chorus in that event.

Opportunities like these are brilliant ways of being able to become involved in such a production and sing with professional singers of a very high calibre....

Pegasus Opera Company is inspiring in its purpose and function of bringing together such a talented mix of singers, musicians and technicians, all with the intent of making music together! The community group, plus the ensemble and principals were all so great to work and bond with!"
Richard Russell

"My experience of being in Koanga was something I will never forget... when we finally got on stage at Sadler's Wells... we realised what all the preparation had been for... it was magical to be performing in a professional opera in front of an audience. We all felt elated and our only disappointment was that we were only able to do four shows.

The whole experience is something that I and others will cherish, especially the warmth and spirit of the chorus which then became part of the whole cast working together as one. This was something very special and rarely experienced in daily life..."
Angela Risner